BLACKPOP. is a 9 piece body of work in my signature style "Sonic-hatching". its a dark humorous conception of Pop culture figures like Queen Elizabeth, Michael Jackson, Kim Jong-Un & Batman with views that could be surreal to our reality. With emphasis on the contrary side of each story.
The Taunt (Get Over Here)
Portrait of a superhero taunting his enemies.
God Save Edgware Road
(Queen Elizabeth Portrait)
In a surreal world, where Muslims are not mistreated in 
London andIslamophobia does not exsist in United Kingdom, 
The Queen wears a hijab as she reads the holy Quran and 
praying for Edgware Road.
Total reBart
An ode to the 1990 classic “Total Recall”
in a juxtapozation of Bart Simpson as he finally 
reveals his true identity and removes his yellow helmet 
and become Arnold Schwarzeneggar . 
Kim Jong's supreme Barber
Surreal portrait of North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jung-Un,
with his secretive New Yorker supreme Barber,
getting his iconic haircut done.
Imagining Bryan Cranston's iconic criminal Mastermind "Heisenberg"
from Breaking Bad, in a different crime scene. only if He pimped bitches
instead of cooking meth. We'd have more episodes.
Ass-tronaut #1
Portrait of the "Ass-tronaut No.1"
Nothing more to say.
Gangsta Paradise (Black Jesus piece)
(Black Jesus Portrait)
Inspired by The Adultswim show Black Jesus, this a portrait of him
wearing Black leather gloves while he's praying to God.
Sister Mary-Jane
Portrait of bad Nun. Sister Mary-Jane
Doing rounds of joints and Dirty sprite.
An ode to all good girls gone Bad.
Kong of Pop
A Surreal portrait of Michael Jackson, on how he was manipulated
and treated like King Kong in our world just because
we couldn't comprehend his genius or his talents.
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Tenerife Design Festival | ÁFRICA GRÁFICA
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