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We Come in Peace

We Come in Peace

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'We Come In Peace'
24” wide in diameter.

Enamel, Acrylic, 24k Gold leaf, Micaceous Iron oxide on wood panel
Signed, dated by the artist and holographically stamped on the back.

Marwan Shahin's latest painting created in 2022 and first original artwork from the new series "ALIENS vs PHARAOHS". The painting is Shahin's most ambitious from a technical stand point, intricately gilded with 24k gold leaf in a way to create an ancient effect along with new age pointillism  on Vanta Black to create the a very high contrasting Alien's skin. Utilizing the incomparable GID paint created at Shahin Studios, All green elements in the artwork tend to glow in the dark creating a visually intoxicating effect.

This is 1 of 1 piece of art, not to be recreated or replicated as form of prints/editions

Now available to collect.


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