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9 Lives - Set of 2 (Collectors Edition)

9 Lives - Set of 2 (Collectors Edition)

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9 Lives - Set of 2 (Collectors Edition)



Signed, Numbered, Embossed and Branded 

Silkscreen, Diamond Dust on Egyptian Papyrus Paper

Special Set of 2 - Collectors Edition of 9 of each, Only 9 of each will ever be made.

Shahin Studios is delighted to present 9 Lives (Collectors Edition) by Marwan Shahin, this edition of the artwork is interpreted with hand-pulled 4 color Silkscreen print on Authentic Egyptian Papyrus, and each print intricately arranged with a filigree of black Diamond Dust, to produce visually intoxicating kaleidoscope-like effects. contains an NFC crypto-chip for authentication by the Fine Art Ledger. Each print is Authenticated and registered on the blockchain by The Fine Art Ledger comes with a digital Certificate of Authenticity containing its cryptographic stamp.

Marwan Shahin’s infamous paw-licking Bastet, made entirely by hand and published by Shahin Studios.

The prints are available to purchase on NTWRK and on 2.22.22 - 2PM PST

Comes with a signed physical Holographic stamped Certificate of Authenticity and Shahin Studios Stickers pack.

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