The time-limited edition was available to collect for 72 hours ONLY starting 7:00AM PT Thursday 7.27.23 and ending 6:59AM Sunday 7.30.23.

The edition is limited by the number of OILY’s sold during those 72 hours and never reproduced.



Shahin’s practice is a celebration of the creative disciplines of his ancestors going back more than 5000 years, documenting modern history in-the-making through beautiful, thought provoking art by exploring disruptive concepts to bridge the gap between the past, present, and future. By merging the digital and the physical, he declares absolute freedom of expression on global issues addressing environmental concerns, prejudice, and social commentary with depictions of our modern-day culture such as social media and crypto currency.

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  • "Not everyone will necessarily agree with the work Marwan creates, But he makes sure that his imagery and art will definitely generate an emotion..."

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  • "...An original film shown on loop adds to the immersive concept, which also features work by artist Marwan Shahin."

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  • "Marwan's Anonymous Pharaoh, which combines the mask used by Anonymous with Tutankhamun, was created immediately after protesters forced President Hosni Mubarak...."

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  • "Shahin’s work has been exhibited worldwide and he’s created album covers for big-name musicians, including M.I.A. and Troyboi. As well the cover art for Walls of Freedom, an infamously banned book on Egyptian graffiti."

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