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The New Glow in the Dark/Holographic Edition of only 30 Prints.

17 x 22 inches
Acrylic, Custom GITD Pigments, Holographic Embellishments Silkscreened on 350gsm Paper.
Signed, numbered, dated & Embossed.

"When climate activists targeted Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” with Soup to draw attention to environmental issues, the irony of wasting food while protesting food urgency struck a nerve within me as there’s alot of people in this world who are actually experiencing famine and starvation.

I wanted to harness the power of art to shed the light on the significance of Bees as pollinators for our planet and their essential role in sustaining our food supply, the critical issue of declining bee populations and tell the stories of threats they face, from pesticides and habitat destruction to climate change and air pollution.

Through my recreation of Van Gogh’s vandalized masterpiece I’m showing to demonstrate how to beautifully protest the urgency of the global environmental crisis, using Art instead of defacing it." -M.S.

Ships within 3-5 Business days.
Comes flat in a custom Shahin Studios Box, With Handling Gloves, a UV Flashlight to charge the pigments for best glow, along with a Certificate of Authenticity for each print.


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