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0ILY Chrome Mirror

0ILY Chrome Mirror

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Available to collect for 72 hours ONLY starting 7:00AM PT Thursday 7.27.23 and ending 6:59AM Sunday 7.30.23.

The edition is limited by the number of OILY’s sold during those 72 hours and never reproduced.

Oily 2023 Large format metal art object.


Layered ink on Contour Cut Silver Chrome Aluminum Mirror
with french cleats system for hanging.

Signed on the back by the Artist, Numbered & Branded 

GIVEAWAY: To celebrate the release of my brand new OILY edition, We're giving away 20 hand-painted sketches from my personal sketchbook! These mini-originals will be signed and randomly distributed among early 20 lucky collectors of the “Oily” Gold and Chrome Mirror edition.

My interpretation of Andy Warhol's Campbells Soup Cans as Oil Drums confronting the Fossil Fuel Industry in the modern day world. After climate activists drew attention by vandalizing famous art pieces, While the urgency of the global environmental crisis is undeniable, I questioned the effectiveness of this form of protest.

In response, I embarked on a new body of work that recreates these vandalized masterpieces, while adding my unique perspective. Through these works, I aim to address critical issues such as environmental concerns, social commentary, and prejudice, and to spark vital conversations that can inspire change. "Oily" being the first of this new body of work, The new edition is created utilizing brand new technology to create raised texture on Contour Cut Aluminum, Printed with careful attention to detail at Shahin Studios.

To complement this extraordinary artwork, each print includes a set of glow-in-the-dark Shahin Studios branded cotton gloves for handling, preserving its pristine condition. A signed physical stamped Certificate of Authenticity accompanies the print, solidifying its provenance and value. Additionally, a Chance to win a mini original!

Note: Orders will be shipped within 2 weeks after the sale window closes.

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