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Thieves & Backstabbers

Thieves & Backstabbers

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Thieves & Backstabbers (Collectors Edition)



Signed, Numbered, Embossed and Branded 

Layered Ink with texture and embossments on Mylar

Super Limited Collectors Edition of Only 10 will ever be made

Shahin Studios is delighted to present Thieves & Backstabbers (Collectors Edition) by Marwan Shahin, this edition of the artwork is interpreted with brand new print technology for layering ink to create texture and embossment on striking Mylar, Each print intricately arranged with a filigree of metallics, to produce visually intoxicating effects. Each print comes contains an NFT crypto-chip for authentication by the Fine Art Ledger. Each print is Authenticated and Minted on the Polygon blockchain.

The prints are available to purchase on NTWRK and on 6.14.22 - 330PM PST

Comes with a signed physical Holographic stamped Certificate of Authenticity and Brand New Shahin Studios Stickers pack.


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